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Professional Installation

All installations are pre-planned by our design team to ensure a quick

and seamless transformation, of which will you will be delighted and

proud to turn on! The #1 reason for emergency room visits during the

holiday season is from falling off a ladder, so let our experienced

professionals do the climbing. We know that the safety of your

customers is important to you, and you may not want us to install

when customers are present. We offer the option to install your

lighting when your business is closed, and do not require someone

to be present at time of install.

Personalized Design

We know that you want to delight your customers during the

holiday season as much as we do, and that is why we send a

design consultant to your location free of charge. Your holiday

lighting is then custom designed for your business and building

by our design team.  We incorporate your landscaping, style and

ideas into an elegant display of the holiday joy. See our options page

for extra ideas to add that “WOW” factor to your building.

Fully Insured

Magical Holiday Designs want you to have an easy and

carefree holiday season. We are fully insured specifically for installation

and removal of Holiday lighting and decorations so you can rest easy

knowing that you will never be liable for any injuries sustained during

your installation or removal of your décor.

Environmentally Friendly

Magical Holiday Designs sare striving to be an industry leader in the

Going Green movement.  All of our newly installed lights are commercial

grade LEDs, which last 20 times longer than traditional incandescent lights,

and use only 10% of the energy. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions,

and your electric bill!

Reduce your carbon footprint by installing LED lights this year.

24 Hour Maintenance Guarantee

Do you see a bulb out? Did a bird knock a strand of lights loose?

Let us know! We care about your time and safety, and any technical

issue with your lighting will be fixed within 24 hours of your reporting it.

Call us, or report the issue on our website, and one of our technicians

will be there within 24 hours to fix it. Guaranteed!

Quick and Carefree Removal

After the holiday season, we will carefully remove your lights and

store them for you at our warehouse. There will be no additional charge

to you, removal is part of our services, and can be scheduled anytime after

January 2nd.  As always, your time is most important to us, and you do not

need to be present for the removal.

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